"I Promised You a Rose Garden" (A LVRS Blog)

A blog written by Lehigh Valley Rose Society members covering personal gardening experiences, recommendations on tools, updates about what our organization is up to, sharing interesting updates/research in the world of roses, and more!

  • 2021 American Rose Society Rising Stars Award

    Nate Fisher, LVRS President & Winner of the 2021 ARS Rising Stars Award
  • Bethlehem Rose Garden Fundraising Update

    An update on the Lehigh Valley Rose Society's contributions to the Bethlehem Rose Garden over the past year and couple months, as well as an accounting of the funds that have been donated and used to date.
  • Let's Talk about Tools

    Recommendations for gardening tools and cleaning tips.
  • 2021 American Gardens Rose Selections for the Northeast

    Four new roses to consider for your garden:  2021 AGRS selections for our region
  • Bethlehem Rose Garden Winter Pruning Events

    Members of Lehigh Valley Rose Society and community volunteers pruning in the Bethlehem Rose Garden.
  • Officers and Board Members for 2021

    The Lehigh Valley Rose Society, started in April 2020, has grown from 1 member to 21 closing out the 2020 calendar year. Our first officers and board members have been elected for the 2021 calendar year.
  • LVRS Rose Fertilizer Now Available!!

    Our long-awaited blend of rose fertilizer is now available for sale!
  • Donation Bonus!

    The next 13 people to donate $10.00 or more to LV Rose Society will receive a FREE bag of one of our test batches of fertilizer!
  • Officer Appointment

    Lisa Walton is appointed Interim Vice President effective July 7, 2020.
  • Rose Rosette Disease

    If you've been following our social media pages or if you've been to our Bethlehem Rose Garden cleanups on Saturdays, you've probably heard me mention Rose Rosette Disease or RRD for short. It's also commonly referred to as "Witch's Broom." But what is it? How is it spread? Is it treatable? How do you identify it?
  • Lehigh Valley Rose Society, Active, Enthusiastic Group, Formed in 1947

    When I started the process of forming the Lehigh Valley Rose Society in April of this year, I quickly discovered that there used to be a Lehigh Val...
  • Personal Gardening (Part 4)

    So at this point in my 2020 COVID gardening, I was happy with the progress, but I wanted more ROSES. Just adding two this year? Not enough! There w...