Donation Bonus!

During the process of coming up with a blend for our rose fertilizer, I wound up making several different batches with different ingredients, different ratios of ingredients, different N-P-K ratings, etc. 

As of August 7, 2020 (1:20 PM EST), we have 13 bags of left over test batches (each around 2.25 lbs) with N-P-K ratings of 4-3-2. These are not our final blend and do not contain mycorrhizal fungi. We cannot sell them (to sell them, we'd have to register each individual test blend with the PA Dept of Agriculture). They are all-natural and organic. 

As a gift, the next 13 people who donate $10.00 or more to the Lehigh Valley Rose Society ( will get a FREE bag of this test batch fertilizer.

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