Officer Appointment

Effective July 7, 2020, Lisa Walton has been appointed Interim Vice President. She will serve in this capacity through December 31, 2020.

As a reminder, at our November meeting, we will be voting on our first round of elected officers and board members. As per our bylaws, everyone currently serving in an officer position is "Interim" until an official vote is held. More details about the annual meeting will be announced at a later date. Due to COVID-19, in addition to a (hopefully) in-person meeting, we will be most likely offering a digital voting component and a "Zoom" video conferencing option so any member can attend in the capacity they feel most comfortable.

Lisa was the second member to join the new LV Rose Society and dove right in! She has been the researcher behind all of the great discoveries about the original LVRS as well as the Bethlehem Rose Garden (including its original color scheme, the total number of roses originally planted, who was involved in the design/planting and when, a list of varieties originally planted, and she's even found some old photographs too!)

She has also been volunteering at the Saturday BRG clean-ups. Recently, she and her son were able to obtain a CAD file of the rose garden from "The Brown Group" (the organization who designed the recent "Master Plan" for the entire park). The "Master Plan" did not include any redesign, planting, or funding for the rose garden section; focusing instead on the other parts of the park. Lisa and her son are working on the file so we will be able to design a planting scheme for the rose beds to present to the city and other organizations involved for approval.

If you're on Instagram, I recommend you follow her page: for absolutely gorgeous flower arrangements Lisa makes out of flowers from her garden. 

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