Metropolitan Tea: Tiffany Rose Melody, 50g

Metropolitan Tea: Tiffany Rose Melody, 50g

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Tiffany Rose Melody
50 grams of loose tea - contains 4 flowering blooms.

Country of Origin: China
Region: Fujian Province
Grade: Artisan Handcrafted
Altitude: 1500 - 4900 ft.
Manufacture Type: Non-Fermented, Traditional Hand-Tied, Small Batch Crafted
Caffeine Level: Low
Antioxidant Level: Low

Cup Characteristics: Soft rose notes grace the cup. A perfect complement to early spring green tea.

Infusion: Pale green yellow.

Luxury Ingredients: Green Tea, Calendula Blossom, Amaranth Flower.

One of the hallmarks of a great artist is the ability to absorb ideas and be inspired by the work of others. In the art world, they say that when one artist's work inspires the creation of another, a dialogue between the works is opened. Often this dialogue is created between works of the same genres, sometimes it can span genres, oceans, even eras. And so it is with this amazing example of Chinese tea artistry.

There are many recorded instances of Western artists being inspired by the East. What we offer here is the result of the reverse. The creation of Tiffany Rose Melody tea was directly influenced by the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the American decorative artist famous for his rose glass lamps. These art nouveau masterpieces, first created by Tiffany in 1899 are comprised of a brass base and beautiful glass shade, evoking the color and brightness of rose petals. Highly sought after by collectors, the original lamps fetch over $2 million at public auction.

Legend has it that around the turn of the century, a tea trader visiting China from America brought with him a Tiffany Lamp as a gift for the owner of the plantation he was visiting. His host was delighted and displayed the lamp prominently in the front window of his home, making it visible to everyone who passed. One evening while walking home, one of the plantation's artisans became mesmerized by the beauty of the lamp and was so inspired by the colors emanating from it that he decided to create something of his own. He took a handful of the finest processed leaves he could find, plucked a few fresh rosebuds from the bushes growing alongside his house and proceeded to painstakingly tie them together using a bit of string. The shape he created was meant to evoke the shape of the lamp with a base supporting a luscious and delicate flower. The result was nothing short of a masterpiece.

In order to fully experience the beauty of this tea, it is essential that it be brewed in a clear glass container. Upon infusing, the tea will float at the top and begin releasing air that will eventually see it gently sink to the bottom and open up to reveal its fragrant bloom. On the nose, the aroma of freshly cut roses comes to the fore. The cup also yields notes of rose perfume followed by hints of grassy green tea.