Newest Updates

Increased Website Functionality:

Today, I worked on adding a couple additional functions to the website. I added a PDF download of our membership form that can be printed out and mailed in with a check. You can find that form here, or under the Membership page.

I also added an online checkout option for current American Rose Society members that are interested in joining Lehigh Valley Rose Society (the area local chapter organization). This option is available only to those that are current members (this calendar year) of ARS. You can find this option here, or under the Membership page.

Member Cards:

I've placed an order with for 500 plastic membership cards. There was a good price break at this quantity. These will be distributed to all current members as soon as we receive them (and new members when they sign up). Our local Member Benefit Partners are being told to ask to see your card at checkout, so make sure to keep it handy in your wallet.

American Rose Society:

I've been in communication with the ARS office in Shreveport, LA. Their office is currently closed due to COVID-19. We are submitting new member information to them as soon as we receive it. However, their staff is only going into the office a couple times a week, so processing times are longer than usual and communication is slower than usual. I was told that all April member welcome packets just went out last week. Please be patient and understanding given the situation. Thank you!


I have several events planned in my head (both social events and demonstrations), but with COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions, nothing is officially scheduled at this point. As soon as we are able to schedule events that can be held safely we will post about them on our social media pages, on this blog, and reach out via email to our members.

New Members:

At the time of writing this blog post (8:30 PM on 05/13/20) we have had two new members sign up this week.


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